About Us

Welcome to our translation agency, AIRLANGGA TRANSLATION CENTER, which has a high commitment to providing premium quality translation services to all our clients. Some of our translation team members have been working as  translators since 1995 by establishing a translation service around Airlangga University campus in Airlangga Street, Surabaya City. At the time, we have been providing translation services covering all fields of sciences around Airlangga University, including Law (agreements, contracts, torts, product liability, MoU), insurance, medical sciences (cardiology, radiology, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, nursing, public health, etc.), pharmacy, economics, psychology, business, and social sciences. These experiences and knowledge from a wide-range of sciences now make up our excellent expertises and skills in translating your documents. Then, we obtained a license as Authorized and Sworn Translator in 2004 from East Java Governor and become a full membership of HPI (Association of Indonesian Translators) in 2011.  At the beginning of 2019, we established a translation company CV LA TRANSLATION under the notarial deed drawn up by one of Lamongan Notaries. Currently Airlangga Translation Agency is under CV LA TRANSLATION.